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How Seattle Transformed a Dangerous Intersection Through Data

There’s an intersection in Seattle located in the Madison Park lakeside neighborhood where a ½ mile hill leads right into a populated business district. There sits Seattle’s busiest Starbucks location and a Wells Fargo Bank. This arterial connection is both the neighborhood’s busiest intersection for pedestrians and a city-designated school crossing location. Due to the rampant speeding […]

The Changemakers Guide to Walkable & Bikeable Cities

  “If you can change the street, you can change the world.” – Janette Sadik Khan At Miovision, our mission is to use technology to improve the transportation experience for everyone. Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work putting together the Changemaker’s Guide to Walkable and Bikeable Cities. Why? Because we want to […]

Miovision Data and the Bloor Street Bike Lanes

A huge milestone for bicycle advocacy in Toronto was celebrated on Friday, August 12. Bicycle bells rang in the official opening of the Bloor Street Bike Lanes, a pilot project that will allow the city to demonstrate and study the impacts of adding cycle tracks along a 2.6km stretch of Bloor Street. For decades, bicycle […]

The Future of Traffic Signals

My car practically parks itself and I have a super computer in my pocket; but I still wait alone at red lights and put up with rudimentary stop-and-go traffic. Traffic technology is in desperate need of a jump-start. It needs to catch-up. It needs to be connected. It needs to be smarter. Fast. The future of traffic signals is within […]

Customer Perspective: City of Edmonton Improving Traffic Flow

Eyes on Intersections: Improving Traffic Flow Author: Matthew Fleet Communications Officer at City of Edmonton matthew.flores@edmonton.ca November 26, 2014 Republished from City of Edmonton Communications Department Remember the days when City staff in parked cars counted traffic movements in person, or used mechanical counters connected to rubber hoses stretching across the road? That was then, and […]