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The road to the smart city is paved with open data

We are huge believers in the smart city movement. But in order to remain innovative in the face of a changing world, cities need to embrace open architecture and data. That’s because in order to innovate, cities need the power to choose solutions that fit their infrastructure best, and an open smart city strategy allows […]

Say hello to Teal

“The days of corporate hierarchy are running out.” Teal co-founder and Miovision CEO, Kurtis McBride. Disruption. It’s at the core of everything Miovision stands for. It’s led us to success in traffic improvements for cities all over the world, and it’s helping us lay the foundation for the future of smart cities. But, success inevitably […]

Introducing Miovision Labs

This week, we launched Miovision Labs. It is our goal for Labs to be the place where the future of smart city innovation is conceived, researched and eventually brought to market. It’s made up of technologists and product strategists focused on the future of traffic technology for the smart city. So why now? A couple […]

Catalyst137: A Space for World-Class IoT

In 2015, Miovision began the search for a new home. We had grown substantially and needed a space that could grow with us. Our checklist was simple, or so we thought. Find a location in the core of the city, ensure that it was accessible by foot, bike and public transportation, provide some basic amenities […]