Automation in Kentucky Saves Time and Money

Qk4 Logo

Qk4 is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm headquartered in Louisville Kentucky with extensive experience in traffic counting. The company currently holds data collection contracts with multiple public transportation departments and private developers.

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Circular Logic – Data Collection and Roundabout Counts

Counting Roundabout Volume: Challenges

Historically, Large Roundabout Counts had been difficult to collect. They were hard to staff, were expensive and experienced a high rate of error. Since Large Roundabout Studies can be done as a feature of our existing data collection system, customers can use their existing equipment and software. The innovation lies in Miovison’s algorithm that correlates data from multiple video collection units (VCUs) at separate legs of a roundabout to perform a complete study.

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Challenges of Small City Traffic Data Collection and Traffic Counts

The City of Farmington (Pop. 43,412) has approximately 80 signals, which they count on a three-year rotation. Traffic data collection is done to review signal timings, and to honor requests from their MPO, Community Development Planners, Police Department, City Council and citizens. The city decided to update their traffic count program with Miovision to assist their Traffic Technician with the time-consuming, and increasingly difficult, task of manually counting cars and pedestrians.

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