Grants and Funding Opportunities within North America

Within the United States and Canada, there are a number of federally funded initiatives, as well as on a state/provincial and municipal level. These programs aim to provide funding for various infrastructure improvement and creation projects. Funding can supplement a significant amount of investment for companies. The key is understanding what grants/funding are available and how to apply for it.


Funding within the USA

In the US, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is now accepting applications for FY2012 for 12 discretionary grant programs. The goal of these grants is to support projects that work to improve safety, maintain a state of good repair, and make communities more livable.

These discretionary grant programs are special funding categories through the FHWA and candidates are selected through an application process. Each program has its own criteria for selection and eligibility – please review the details at the FHWA website. All of these applications must be submitted by January 6, 2012.

Highlighted below are the six most applicable grants for organizations utilizing Miovision’s automated traffic data collection technologies. These initiatives can be used with our video collection units to gather data which can be utilized to make decisions for infrastructure planning and signal retiming. Having accurate data is the basis in understanding the current and future needs for updating existing infrastructure. Miovision’s automated system makes the data collection more effecient and accurate, providing the best quality data for your budget.

Delta Region Transportation Development Program

The program provides grants to: (1) support and encourage multistate transportation planning and corridor development; (2) provide for transportation project development; (3) facilitate transportation decision making; and (4) support transportation construction in the Delta region. The Delta region includes the portions of Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee under the authority of the Delta Regional Authority.

Interstate Maintenance Program

This program provides funding for Interstate highway resurfacing, restoration, rehabilitation, and reconstruction (4R) work, including added lanes to increase capacity on most existing Interstate System routes.

Public Lands Highways Discretionary (PLHD) Program

The program is administered by the Federal Highway Administration’s Federal Lands Highway Office. PLHD funds are available for transportation planning, research, engineering, and construction of the highways, roads, and parkways, and of transit facilities within the Federal public lands.

Transportation, Community, and System Preservation Program

The program provides funding for a comprehensive initiative including planning grants, implementation grants, and research to investigate and address the relationships among transportation, community, and system preservation plans and practices and identify private sector-based initiatives to improve those relationships.

Truck Parking Facilities Program Discretionary Grants For FY 2012

The program authorizes a wide range of eligible projects and activities, ranging from construction of commercial motor vehicle spaces and other capital improvements that facilitate CMV parking including the use of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technology to increase information on the availability of both public and private CMV parking spaces.

Value Pricing Pilot Program

Value pricing encompasses a variety of strategies to manage congestion on highways, including tolling of highway facilities through congestion pricing, as well as other strategies that do not involve tolls, such as mileage-based car insurance and parking pricing.

Funding within Canada

The Government of Canada provides a number of funding through the Economic Action Plan and Infrastructure Canada Department. Its objective is to provide flexible and effective funding support to provincial, territorial, municipal, private sector and not-for-profit infrastructure projects. A few funds to review: Canada Strategic Infrastructure FundInfrastructure Canada Program and Public Transit Fund.

While most of Infrastructure Canada’s application-based programs are fully subscribed, some funding may remain under the Major Infrastructure Component of the Building Canada Fund in some provinces. Projects funded under the BCF-MIC are selected through Federal/Provincial negotiations. If you are interested in requesting funding under this program, which targets larger-scale infrastructure that will have a national and/or regional impact, you should contact your provincial ministry in charge of infrastructure.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) also offers a number of different funding and grant options. The FCM includes Canada’s largest cities, small urban and rural communities, and 21 provincial and territorial municipal associations. They will begin accepting new applications for capital projects in the transportation sector on December 1, 2011. There is a specific selection process for capital projects in the energy, transportation, waste and water sectors and there will be posted an updated GMF Application Form and new support tools for applicants on December 1. All applicants will need to use the updated GMF Application Form to apply.

If you don’t see an applicable grant/fund option for you, reach out to these government agencies and inquire about upcoming initiatives or if they’ll be able to point you to information that will be more suitable for your projects and organization.

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