Introducing Miovision Central – Better Data, Smarter Decisions

Transportation data projects can get complicated. I know this because in my time at Miovision, we’ve delivered data to over 10,000 municipalities worldwide and counted almost 3 billion cars. That’s all of the cars on earth … three times. In the process, we have helped to set a new standard for the quality and trustworthiness of traffic data used to make significant planning and engineering decisions that shape the places we live. Enter Miovision Central.

What is Miovision Central?


For the past few months, Miovision has been incubating the next generation of traffic data management software and using it with our closest customers. It’s called Miovision Central and we’re excited to officially launch the product this week at NATMEC 2016.

Central is a first-of-its-kind application designed for engineers and planners to coordinate traffic data projects and underpin recommendations with supporting visuals.

At its most basic, Central is lipstick on our core product – but it’s so much more than that.

Central represents a growing philosophy within the transportation industry – including T4America, NACTO, and the FHWA – that better monitoring and better reporting enable more thoughtful and sustainable planning.

Better data can lead to smarter decisions.

For many, acquiring the data is one of the hardest steps. Choosing what to measure can be daunting; but once a measure is identified, agencies can get handcuffed by outdated IT infrastructure and data management policies. This risks the very basis of planning and engineering recommendations and shifts the focus of engineers and planners to solving IT problems not traffic problems.

Getting the data should be simpler. Organizing and finding the data should be easier. Now it is.


Why is Miovision Central free?

Planners and engineers should have the data they need at their fingertips. It’s in our collective best interest. Once a data collector has been fairly paid for their service, accessing and using the data shouldn’t be cumbersome or add extra costs or complexity.

“Data is the first thing that I need and the last thing I want to worry about.”

Data is a democratizer and equalizer – it shouldn’t be locked away in silos on shared drives, thumb drives, emails, or outdated spreadsheets.

It’s not perfect yet … and we need your help

The current version of Central adds better sharing and organization features to Miovision’s core video-into-traffic-data product, but it’s designed to scale into much more.

While it’s currently biased towards Miovision data, it does allow for other third-party data. “Other” is a placeholder for the dozens of data-types that cities rely on to inform decision-making and recommendations. We have some ideas on how to support these, but we want you to try the product and let us know what’s most important to you right now.

Miovision Central

In addition, while the visuals that Central provides are best suited to multi-modal volumes, and the calculations that we surface (i.e. Peak Hour Factor and Truck Percentage), are best suited for road volumes – we aren’t going to stop there. There are emerging best practices challenging the land-use of roads, such as measuring total trips inclusive of all modes, active transportation, and designing streetscapes for people – not just cars. Central needs to be at the forefront of these practices.


Ten Years of Providing Modern Traffic Data to Municipalities

Over Miovision’s 10 years, there have been copycats and competitors, but the cities and towns that use Miovision data don’t risk major infrastructure projects on questionable data. Their municipalities are important to them, which is why they trust our data to underpin their recommendations.

To learn more about Miovision Central and how you can access your free account, go to From there, you can read more, join a webinar, and claim your account.

Written by Cam Davies

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