Introducing Scout 14 – Simplifying Your Data Collection Workflow

At Miovision we value your feedback and actively aim to make Scout the most intuitive data collection tool available.  It is with excitement that we release Scout 14 – our first major firmware upgrade since Scout’s launch.  Scout 14 features a redesigned interface with just three main screens to simplify each step of your workflow, letting you deploy quickly and with confidence.

Reduce Time Exposed at the Roadside

Scout 14 Schedule Screen

The Schedule screen  allows you to schedule studies in seconds.  From this screen you can view, edit, and customize any of the five templates included, or select Record Now to begin recording instantly. The Schedule screen also lists your upcoming studies so you can easily verify them, and minimize opportunity for scheduling errors.

Ensure Recording Success

Scout 14 Check Storage

On the Hardware screen you can check battery charge, connectivity and available storage to ensure your studies record successfully.

  • Battery Information clearly indicates the remaining charge on each battery.
  • Use Camera Check to detect and correct any existing connectivity issues prior to recording.  Also check your live video feed here with the newly expanded field-of-view, giving you a fuller representation of what will be recorded and greater certainty you are capturing all required movements.
  • Storage Check validates the available space of each inserted SD card, so you can be sure there is enough memory for your upcoming scheduled studies.

Confirm Success Before Leaving the Field

Scout 14 Past Recordings Screen

The Past Recordings screen lets you watch footage of your study and review important details, like duration and status, so you can leave the field assured the deployment was a success.Scout 14 brings you greater usability, efficiency and reliability.

We know you will love this new interface and we encourage you to take advantage of its features and benefits today.

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