Miovision and the Transportation Industry in 2012

Last week, we discussed the top transportation topics for the coming year. I followed up with the CEO of Miovision, Kurtis McBride, to get his take on the industry and Miovision’s outlook for 2012.

What are the top transportation topics for 2012?

This year, there will be the convergence of three major global currents:

Doing More for Transportation Infrastructure with Less

Although there are signs that the economy is starting to turn around, governments are still hesitant to make commitments to major capital expenditures to improve their road networks. That said, populations are still growing and the pressures being placed on transportation networks are as acute as they have ever been.

Given these two trends, there is pressure on municipalities to squeeze every last bit of performance on optimizing the flow of traffic through corridors and networks.

Triple Bottom Line for Transportation

There is an emerging trend out there, this idea of “Triple Bottom Line”, where it is no longer enough for an industry to be financially sustainable; it should also be environmentally and socially sustainable. The companies, products, and industries that will strengthen in 2012 and beyond will be the ones who adopt the triple bottom line idea as a way of operating and projecting their brand.

Technology & Connectivity

Whether it is the increasing predominance of smart phones in our lives, emerging technologies like the connected car, or the importance of social media, it is clear that technology that connects people’s lives to the Internet is not going away. This year we will see an increasing trend toward transportation products that offer a range of community connectivity and sharing capabilities.

What changes have appeared in transportation and how has Miovision addressed them?

One of the major issues that Miovision has seen is that while the overall market for traffic data collection has depressed to some degree, the number of large signal re-timing projects has increased. This has created a situation where some of our customers who may only have a few pieces of equipment need to bid on projects that they typically would not go after due to their size.

As a result, we have seen a huge increase in the utilization of the equipment rental program. We are looking forward to continuing to grow this program out of both our North American and European offices.

What will be the focus for Miovision for 2012?

Miovision has a number of exciting initiatives that it will be launching in 2012 including a new Bluetooth accessory for the Scout VCU, a whole new range of reporting capabilities for both the new ALPR product as well as our legacy TMC products, and a way for firms and municipalities to take advantage of the accuracy, turnaround time and convenience of our products without ever having to leave their offices to setup equipment.

Miovision prides itself on listening to the market and to our customers to ensure that our engineering teams are working on building and improving the products that make the most impact.


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