Miovision Introduces Traffic Data On Demand

Miovision is a leading provider of traffic data collection technology, specifically through our Scout video collection units (VCU). The Scout provides traffic engineers with the ability to easily collect traffic data by deploying these portable, non-intrusive units to record traffic movements within an intersection which are processed using our proprietary video analytics software.

Collecting Your Own Traffic Data

The Scout provides a simple data collection process that can be deployed by one individual. However, not all engineering firms or government agencies collect their own traffic data or have the ability to collect the amount that they need.

To overcome this challenge, Miovision is introducing Traffic Data On Demand, a new online traffic data solution for transportation organizations to request, receive and manage traffic data for almost any location in the United States and Canada. Data is collected by our Partner Network, using Miovision’s Scout VCUs. Traffic Data On Demand drastically improves access to accurate and reliable traffic data; the lack of which can have serious consequences.


Poor Traffic Data Collection Grade from NTOC

According to the 2012 National Traffic Signal Report Card, which was completed by the National Transportation Operations Coalition (NTOC) in May, government agencies scored a grade of F in the category of Traffic Monitoring and Data Collection. This indicates that traffic signal efficiency is low and as a result, creating unnecessary delays for drivers.


Traffic Monitoring and Data Collection received a failing grade for a number of reasons:

  1. Not enough staff to execute traffic data collection
  2. Questionable data accuracy – little to no quality assurance
  3. Malfunctioning field equipment
  4. Sporadic traffic data collection rather than consistent
  5. Low levels/lack of government funding
  6. Lack of objectives and measurable goals for traffic signal program


Traffic Data On Demand

Streamlining the Process

Of the above list, Traffic Data On Demand offsets numbers 1-3, and provides a comprehensive solution that helps traffic consultants to effectively compensate for numbers 4-6. Traffic Data On Demand streamlines the traffic data collection process and provides engineers with full access and control of their traffic data projects in a way that directly contributes to optimized traffic management.

Traffic studies are requested online through our easy-to-use mapping tool and web interface. Select from various traffic studies such as turning movement counts, roundabout counts, gap studies, average daily traffic (ADT) and have the option to request vehicle classifications. Industry standard reports are available within 2, 3 or 4 day options.

Standardized Nationwide Pricing

Traffic Data On Demand also eliminates the unknown variables that may arise when working with data collection vendors. It provides standardized pricing across all traffic studies, guaranteed availability and study turnaround time. Having this criteria established enables engineers to forecast, budget and plan for their traffic data projects and also eliminates numerous steps in project coordination and post-project invoicing.


Accurate Traffic Data – 95%+

Engineers can be confident of the level of accuracy of the traffic data they receive. The NTOC states that accuracy of traffic data (or lack thereof) has attributed to the failing grade of Traffic Monitoring and Data Collection within the US. Miovision consistently demonstrates a high level of data accuracy and having traffic movements captured on video with the Scout provides an auditable record through TrafficDataOnline.com.


Access Your Data Anywhere

One key component that is frequently missing in an engineer-data collection vendor relationship is having full access and control of data collection projects. The streamlined end-to-end process and standardized criteria remove surprises when requesting and receiving traffic studies and assists in accurate planning. Traffic Data On Demand provides access to TrafficDataOnline.com, our online traffic data management platform. It is fully accessible from any location that has an Internet connection, and stores all data, video and reports in one location. It also provides the ability for efficient project tracking, file management and data sharing with stakeholders.


Utilize Traffic Data On Demand to simplify your traffic data collection and traffic data management. It provides the ability to complete more traffic data collection studies in less time and effort, resulting in noticeable efficiency gains in resourcing, budgeting and overall project workflow.


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