Miovision Milestones since $30M


If you can believe it, it’s been a year since Miovision raised $30M in funding to be used to help support the company accelerate its vision of smart cities and cloud-based traffic management technology

“The funding … will take our vision forward and (move us towards) a broader product portfolio,” said Kurtis when interviewed last year at the time the funding was granted. “This year, we are bringing cloud-based, traffic management technology to intersections across the world, providing the critical foundations for smart city applications. We believe we can fundamentally change how citizens interact with city infrastructure.”

I sat down with Kurtis to get his thoughts on how far we’d come in one short year.  

“(The funding) gave us a certain amount of confidence to go out and do bold things, and allowed us to think long term” said Kurtis when asked what the funding has helped the company achieve over the last 12 months. He went on to elaborate that thinking 5 years ahead, instead of perhaps just 18 or 24 months, was also a large benefit of the raised capital. With long term thinking, Miovision has made many positive advancements to set the company up for success Things like a clearer and more articulate vision, stronger partner alignments, continuing to strengthen the internal empowered culture and even some fresh paint and new carpet!

Some of our biggest milestones in the past year have included:

  1. Introducing Spectrum and Central, two new products that will allow Miovision to better solve traffic congestion  
  2. Growing from 65 employees to over 110 talented individuals looking to make a difference. Our team is comprised of some of the smartest individuals in the region and are dedicated to being bold and disruptive in continuously differentiating ourselves
  3. Growing our footprint to 650 customers on 5 continents, processing over 2.M hours of data and counting 2.5B vehicles
  4. Being recognized as one of Canada’s Top 20 innovators by the Canadian Innovation Exchange and being listed in the Deloitte “Technology Fast 50” for demonstrating bold innovation, dedicated leadership and strong growth in Canada for the third consecutive year
  5. Celebrating our 10th anniversary as a company, which allowed us to reflect on a decade of good memories, as well as envision all of the great things to come

We are well aware that there is still a lot of hard work to come as we look to the future. Thanks to everyone who saw the same opportunities that we did a year ago. Without question, our greatest accomplishments and realizing our vision of building smarter cities still lie ahead of us.

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