Case Study – Missouri DOT doubles data collection with 84% less labor

As part of a regular data collection program, the Missouri Department of Transportation District Five had historically conducted between 60 – 75 Intersection and Roundabout Counts per year. In 2009, the district set a goal and made progress towards doubling the amount of counts to 130 – 140 per year. In early 2010, a statewide reduction in labor forces meant eliminating a part-time role whose primary responsibility was data collection, making it extremely difficult to meet their newly established goals.


Missouri DOT District Five is headquartered in Jefferson City, Missouri and is home to over 450,000 people and 205 traffic signals throughout 13 counties. The District is also home to four colleges, including the University of Missouri located in Columbia.


The district experienced a productivity loss of 1,000 labor hours as a result of losing their part-time employee. Three major challenges with the role elimination were:

  • Meeting the internal goal of doubling the amount of data collected in a count season with less people to perform the counts;
  • The district’s Traffic Technician was required to absorb the duties of the eliminated role, placing added strain on traffic data collection and ongoing engineering work;
  • Meeting the internal goal to increase data collected over weekends, holidays, and special events.

With these challenges considered, MoDOT District Five set an interim goal of performing 110 counts in 2010, with the objective to increase data collection year over year.

"In one day we had a MU Game, a state swim competition and a high school wrestling tournament. Counting the impacted intersection manually would have been impossible, so we used Miovision"

Dianna Johnson, Senior Traffic Technician, MoDOT District 5 

FIGURE 1: Miovision’s automated traffic data collection system saved over 1,400 regular and overtime labor hours in the field. The reduction represents a time savings of 84%.


MoDOT District Five purchased Miovision’s portable video data collection system to collect traffic data easily, quickly and with less people.

By using Miovision, the district could reduce the amount of labor needed for each count, thereby increasing the amount of data collected per year by a single person. Using Miovision saved MoDOT District Five over 1,400hrs of labor in 2010 and provided the District Traffic Engineer with a tool to collect more data in less time and meet the interim goal of performing 110 counts in 2010.
See Figure 1.

The reduction in labor hours dedicated to data collection combined with Miovision’s simple process of automating data collection and report generation resulted in a 33% cost savings of over $14,000 for the District in 2010. See Figure 2.

"Miovision enables us to double productivity because a staff member can install the equipment in the morning and then go onto perform other tasks while Miovision works."

Matt Myers, Director of Traffic, MoDOT District 5 

Miovision was found to be particularly cost effective for weekend, holiday and special event data collection. Equipment could be set-up during normal business hours and scheduled to automate data collection during what would previously have been overtime labor hours. In 2009/2010, MoDOT was able to collect 25 weekend and holiday counts with Miovision at a fraction of the cost to send someone to do them manually.

For example, on the Fourth of July Weekend 2010, MoDOT used Miovision to collect data at a major intersection in Jefferson City from Friday July 2nd to Monday July 5th. MoDOT eliminated much of the labor historically required for this type of count by deploying the Video Collection Unit a day prior to the holiday and programming the unit to automatically collect peak hour data over the following four days. The result was a 48% cost savings on this study. See Figure 3.

FIGURE 2: The labor hour reduction combined with Miovision’s cheaper operational costs saved MoDOT over $14,000 versus manual data collection.

FIGURE 3: Using Miovision saved MoDOT from scheduling a staff member to work overtime to collect data over the Fourth of July Weekend.

"Miovision came along at the right time for us. Without switching to Miovision, we would have had to cut our counts by 50%. Instead, we made up for the lost resource and increased data collection."

 Matt Myers, Director of Traffic, MoDOT District 5 


MoDOT District Five needed to mitigate the loss of data collection resources and meet a mandate to double the amount data collected. To help achieve their goal, MoDOT used Miovision to automate data collection and collect more data with fewer resources.

Miovision’s automated data collection system provided a tool to reach MoDOT’s interim goal of 110 counts and establish a process to grow their count program moving forward. The switch to Miovision has already benefited MoDOT by providing them the ability to:

  • Collect more data in less time;
  • Reduce labor hours by 84%, saving over 1,400 human hours in the field;
  • Work during normal business hours to collect data for weekend counts, holiday counts and special event counts;
  • Save a projected $14,000 by using Miovision to automatically collect traffic data in 2010.