Traffic Engineers Deserve Better Mobile Tools


Almost every industry imaginable is embracing mobile tools and remote management. Even traditional industries that have been slower to adopt to technological change have embraced mobile as the new normal. Construction professionals regularly manage their job sites and projects with real-time information sent directly to mobile devices. The oil and gas industry uses mobile strategies to modernize their operations. They can better respond to key operational challenges like scheduling and crew management, failure prevention, environmental safety, and increasing productivity. Even farming is getting into the game. John Deere offers remote management tools through Precision Ag, and they are betting big. A farmer can easily see agronomic data in real-time including yield data, seeding varieties and more.

And yet, with all these advancements, traffic engineers have been left behind. Mobile tools and remote management options purpose-built for the traffic engineer are few and far between. With responsibility for moving millions of people and goods through cities everyday, if any profession can justify the need for better mobile tools, it’s the traffic engineer.

Think about how much easier it would be to understand and respond to traffic and signal maintenance issues with access to real-time data on a mobile device. Armed with the right tools and real-time traffic insights, a traffic engineer can reduce traffic congestion and pollution while improving city productivity and mobility more efficiently.

At Miovision, we believe it’s time to invest in traffic engineers, and give them the tools they deserve.

Why Mobile is Better 

It’s Only Real-Time if It’s Mobile

Real-time data is vital in managing a city. But real-time data means nothing if it’s not accessible in real-time. A notification sent to a desktop computer is not sufficient for traffic engineers. They need data on their tablet or smartphone, accessible anywhere and anytime. They should be able to respond to an issue in the field, at the office or at home. A city never sleeps, and neither should their technology.

Smart Alerts

Alerts delivered by text or email can help a traffic engineer better respond to issues. It also provides peace of mind to city traffic staff who currently manage the traffic signal network blind. Instead of relying on citizen or police calls to identify traffic signal problems, the city can know exactly when and where issues arise, and respond appropriately.

Remote Management

Mobile allows for remote management. Traffic engineers get essential information to immediately identify, diagnose and triage signal issues, and fix these problems before they escalate.

This includes the ability to resolve issues remotely.  Deploying a repair team to resolve signal issues should be reserved for things that are not manageable remotely. The time and cost savings, and public safety enhancements gained through remote signal management via mobile more than offsets the cost of this technology.

Traffic Engineers Deserve Better Mobile Tools

It’s time we armed traffic engineers and city transportation staff with adequate tools. They, in turn, will save the city money, reduce citizen frustration and contribute to a more productive city.

You can learn more about Miovision’s smart signal solution; Spectrum, which brings mobile signal data to the traffic engineer.

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