Signal Performance Metrics

This is part 2 of 4 in our blog series on Traffic Insights. This post covers Signal Performance Metrics. Stay tuned for more! In part one of this series, we covered the evolution of data-driven traffic operations. We looked at the obstacles many cities face in implementing modern systems. And we didn’t forget to cover […]


Halloween Costumes for Transportation Professionals

Transportation professionals, with Halloween approaching, you’re probably asking yourself: How can I find a hip costume that also encapsulates my love for all things transportation? Fear not ghouls and gals, Miovision has you covered. With our expertly curated and stylish Halloween costumes, you can let your inner transportation nerd fly free. Use one of these five transportation-themed costumes, and you’ll […]

Traffic Operations

The Evolution of Data-Driven Traffic Operations

This is part 1 of 4 in our blog series on Traffic Insights. Stay tuned for more! How do you operate a modern traffic system? It requires more than the ability to manage the asphalt, concrete, steel, and electronics that make up road infrastructure. It’s also about understanding the data being produced by this infrastructure. […]

How Seattle Transformed a Dangerous Intersection Through Data

There’s an intersection in Seattle located in the Madison Park lakeside neighborhood where a ½ mile hill leads right into a populated business district. There sits Seattle’s busiest Starbucks location and a Wells Fargo Bank. This arterial connection is both the neighborhood’s busiest intersection for pedestrians and a city-designated school crossing location. Due to the rampant speeding […]

smart city IoT

Big IoT. Big IT Challenges for Cities.

Until recently, the Internet of Things (IoT) for cities was a lot of hype. As recently as 2015, Gartner listed IoT at the top of the hype curve. Real results were hard to come by, and cities were struggling to understand how IoT fit into their plans. IoT is Here But IoT has now shifted from […]

Top ITS Trends for 2017

Seven ITS Trends We’re Looking Out For in 2017

You can’t be a provider of advanced Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) solutions without being a forecaster. The world of transportation is experiencing major upheaval. From autonomous vehicles to ubiquitous traffic sensors, 2017 is shaping up to be a year of rapid change. Here’s an overview of the top seven ITS trends we expect to see […]

Bikeable cities

The Changemakers Guide to Walkable & Bikeable Cities

  “If you can change the street, you can change the world.” – Janette Sadik Khan At Miovision, our mission is to use technology to improve the transportation experience for everyone. Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work putting together the Changemaker’s Guide to Walkable and Bikeable Cities. Why? Because we want to […]

miocast with Erin Skimson

“Safety Comes First”- An Interview with Oregon’s Chief Traffic Engineer

Recently, Miovision sat down with Dennis Mitchell, Chief Traffic Engineer with Oregon’s Department of Transportation. Dennis’ experience with ITS Technology gives him a unique perspective on the future of transportation. In this interview, we ask Dennis four key questions: 1) What does transportation look like to you in 10 years? 2) What is it that you want to do […]

Bloor Street Bike Lane Cyclist

Miovision Data and the Bloor Street Bike Lanes

A huge milestone for bicycle advocacy in Toronto was celebrated on Friday, August 12. Bicycle bells rang in the official opening of the Bloor Street Bike Lanes, a pilot project that will allow the city to demonstrate and study the impacts of adding cycle tracks along a 2.6km stretch of Bloor Street. For decades, bicycle […]

Smart Traffic, Smart City

How Smart Are Your City’s Traffic Signals? Miovision has been conducting an annual peer survey on the state of traffic signals across North America for several years. Most recently, traffic signal connectivity was the #1 five-year goal of respondents – a critical foundation for ITS and ‘smart’ traffic signals. While 48% of intersections were reported […]