3 Easy Steps to Building Authentic Core Values

People always ask me about Miovision’s culture. It’s something I love to talk about, so I always welcome their questions. This year, Miovision launched an unlimited vacation program that allows our employees to take as much vacation time as they need.  People find this program intriguing. It’s an amazing perk to working here; take as […]

GM Innovation lab a welcome entity to #kwawesome

When you think of car manufacturers, your natural instinct is to probably think of … well, cars. Valid. But does the word “innovation” ever pop into your mind? If not, it probably should, because if future predictions are any indication, many companies in this industry are thinking more outside the box then ever before. Electric […]

Traffic Signals: The Perfect Smart City Tool

At their most basic level, traffic signals are infrastructure assets that control vehicular and pedestrian traffic. But what if we could look at the humble traffic signal in a whole new way? What if we looked at this piece of infrastructure as the perfect foundation for a smart city? As the easiest and least expensive way to build a […]

Cities Get Smart with Performance Measures

Dave Bullock, Managing Director, ITS Line of Business, Miovision Ask the average citizen what a smart city is and you’re likely to hear the following replies: “It’s where my town fixes utility outages more quickly.” “My city is looking at data about my usage of public services so it can serve me better.” “It means I […]

Miovision Central Collaboration

Data Driven Protected Intersection Workshop

How do we get more capacity out of our urban infrastructure? Are our roads designed for all users? Could there be a more efficient use of land that gets people where they need to go safely and efficiently? Cities and citizens are asking these questions and demanding change, but there continues to be an ongoing […]

Catalyst137: A Space for World-Class IoT

In 2015, Miovision began the search for a new home. We had grown substantially and needed a space that could grow with us. Our checklist was simple, or so we thought. Find a location in the core of the city, ensure that it was accessible by foot, bike and public transportation, provide some basic amenities […]

“ITS is the promise of using technology to draw people together” – A discussion with Regina Hopper

 Last week at the 2016 ITS America Annual meeting in San Jose, CA, Miovision caught up with ITSA President and CEO, Regina Hopper. We asked her three simple questions: What will transportation look like in 10 years? What’s your biggest traffic pet peeve? What are you reading currently? Her answers might surprise you – audacious […]

Traffic Engineers Deserve Better Mobile Tools

Almost every industry imaginable is embracing mobile tools and remote management. Even traditional industries that have been slower to adopt to technological change have embraced mobile as the new normal. Construction professionals regularly manage their job sites and projects with real-time information sent directly to mobile devices. The oil and gas industry uses mobile strategies to modernize their […]

Miovision Meets Startup Cycling

This past week, we met with Thomas and Chloe from Startup Cycling. Since 2015, they have been biking across Europe and the US, stopping in more than 15 countries, to meet with successful founders of startups across the two continents. The goal – to learn about what has driven the success of founders and startup […]

A Wireless Traffic Network Doesn’t Need to Be Scary

Dave Bullock, Managing Director, ITS Line of Business, Miovision Cities are at the forefront of the next wave of the Internet of Things.  Combining digital technologies with existing physical infrastructure to gather useful data – this is the promise of the future city; streamlining communication, optimizing efficiency and improving the lives of citizens. At the heart of the […]