Waterloo, Ontario

How the Region of Waterloo is Doing New With Less

With Spectrum you have streaming video and real-time alerts coming back to essentially do the fieldwork from the traffic management center, and get issues cleared more quickly.” – Mark Liddell, Region of Waterloo Traffic Analyst

The Region of Waterloo is experiencing rapid growth in population and a flurry of start-up activity. An influx of new residents, combined with infrastructure development, has led to a rise in traffic complexity. Miovision worked with the city to implement Spectrum, our smart traffic signal solution, in key corridors across the city.

Spectrum is helping the Region of Waterloo utilize data to transform their traffic network. Here are a few highlights of the impact. You can read the full case study.

Instantaneous Incident Response

The Region of Waterloo now gets immediate alerts. These alerts help identify issues with roads or infrastructure. This helps to prioritize resources and alert significant changes in traffic. They can also stream video from an intersection to verify an incident.

Traffic Counts on Demand

The Region of Waterloo utilizes turning movement counts for signal time evaluation, long-range traffic modelling, and growth projections. Before Spectrum, they counts were collected about every 3 years. Spectrum dramatically changed that. They can now generate counts on-demand at many intersections and any time.

Other Key Benefits

Spectrum also provides the Region of Waterloo with other key benefits, including:

  • Providing remote visibility of the traffic network with connected intersections
  • Accelerating the planning schedule
  • Reducing data collection costs
  • Enabling engineers to focus on high-value data analysis

To learn more about Spectrum in the Region of Waterloo, check out the full case study.

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