The Miovision Scout vs the Competition

scout-guiRecently I accompanied a few coworkers and deployed the Scout alongside a competitor’s solution which includes a camera for traffic data collection. I’ve only deployed the Scout VCU so I was happy to compare my experience to a different system.

In this blog, I will review a few different areas of each piece of equipment, the Scout VCU and the competitor system (which will remain anonymous).

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Traffic Studies: Overview for Starting the Fall Count Season (Part 2)

Many organizations are preparing for the fall count season. Whether collecting traffic data in-house or using a data collection vendor, transportation professionals are ramping up their efforts for this busy season.

Continuing from last week’s blog article, we will review the remaining traffic study types including Trip Generation, ALPR, Origin Destination, Travel Time and Parking Study. The goal is to provide insight into each traffic study, how it is utilized and what challenges can come up.

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National Traffic Signal Report Card 2012 from the NTOC – Part Two

In the previous blog article, National Traffic Signal Report Card 2012 from the NTOC – Part One, we reviewed previous results of NTOC Report Cards and this year’s results including two of the five criteria that attribute to the overall grade.

This week’s blog article will focus on the importance of signal operations as well as the remaining three criteria that contributed to the NTOC Report Card.

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Traffic Data Collection at the Green Living Show 2012

This past weekend Miovision attended the Green Living show at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, Ontario. This is one of North America’s largest green living consumer events and attracts over 400 exhibitors and 30,000 individuals over three days. It features a wide range of different green products and services, such as transportation, food, green building, eco-tourism and fashion.

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Faulty Traffic Data Used in Northern Virginia BRAC

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog article entitled, Top 5 Reasons to Automate Your Spring Counts, which briefly covered the use of faulty data in Northern Virginia and the importance of accurate traffic data collection. This started a number of discussions about traffic data accuracy and the consequences for cutting corners, so I decided to dedicate this week’s blog to this occurrence.

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Top 3 Traffic Data Projects to Start Off Your Spring Count Season

With the days being longer and the first day of spring having arrived yesterday, traffic engineers are ramping up to begin the spring count season.  The spring is a great time to plan your traffic data collection and project objectives for the remainder of the year. Planning ahead will help provide efficiencies in traffic data collection equipment deployment, traffic study turnaround time and resource availability.

In this week’s blog, Miovision reviews the Top 3 Traffic Data Projects to Start Off Your Spring Count Season. These top three traffic data collection projects will provide resource efficiencies– the equipment can be used across these three projects. The traffic data collected is also relatable and can be used for various other projects.

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Reducing Crashes on Urban Arterial Roads – Part 2

Last week’s blog article was the first half of a two part blog exploring how arterial roads can be improved to reduce crashes from a traffic engineer’s perspective. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), crashes on arterial roads are becoming exceeding serious due to the frequency of travel and because many urban arterial roads weren’t designed to accommodate the current vehicle capacity within the USA.

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Reducing Crashes on Urban Arterial Roads

Although fatal crashes are more likely to occur on rural arterial roads, most occur on urban streets due to the sheer volume and frequency of traffic. This week’s blog will be a ‘two parter’, exploring how arterial roads can be improved to reduce crashes from a traffic engineer’s perspective.

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Miovision Attends TRB’s 91st Annual Meeting in DC

Last week, Miovision attended the Transportation Research Board’s 91st Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. We setup shop at booth #1507 and showcased our traffic data collection equipment. Each year, this event attracts over 11,000 transportation professionals from around the world. With such a worldwide and diverse audience, there were so many different events to attend ranging from poster sessions to workshops to exhibits.

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Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade from Road Tubes

Road tubes have been used for decades for average annual daily traffic (AADT) counts (also average daily traffic (ADT), automatic traffic recorder (ATR) counts, midblock counts or link counts). They have been effective in capturing ADT counts in the past, however, improvements in technology have made road tubes the “VHS” of data collection.

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