Miovision Ranks #2 with 6839% Growth in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ Program


We are excited to announce that Miovision was named Canada’s second fastest growing technology company on Deloitte’s 2013 Technology Fast 50™, and we’re #38 for the Technology Fast 500™across North America.

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The Miovision Scout vs the Competition

scout-guiRecently I accompanied a few coworkers and deployed the Scout alongside a competitor’s solution which includes a camera for traffic data collection. I’ve only deployed the Scout VCU so I was happy to compare my experience to a different system.

In this blog, I will review a few different areas of each piece of equipment, the Scout VCU and the competitor system (which will remain anonymous).

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Efficient Traffic Data Collection with Miovision’s Office in Germany

Miovision Round TableMiovision hosted six German government agencies at the end of September at the offices in Cologne, Germany.

The purpose of this event was to present Miovision’s traffic data collection, have a moderated discussion on data collection including tips and tricks, review case studies, updates from Miovision and go out into the field with a Miovision Scout Video Collection Unit.

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Nominations Open for the National Roadway Safety Awards

Nominations are now open for the National Roadway Safety Awards, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Roadway Safety Foundation (RSF).

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Top 4 Ways Video Will Improve Your Traffic Data Collection

Video can greatly improve your traffic data collection as it provides another layer of insight that would not be attainable otherwise. It provides information on the external environment and other outside factors such as weather, traffic conditions or unusual anomalies.

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Signal Timing Research Initiative Follow-up

Miovision Signal Retiming ReportIn March, we reached out to government agencies across Canada and the US to take part in Miovision’s first research initiative, which was about signal timing. Survey respondents enthusiastically shared their insights and opinions on this oft-discussed topic. The research initiative was very well received and generated much food for thought.

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The State of America’s Transportation Network

The American transportation network is in dire need of highway maintenance and reconstruction. Valued at $1.75 trillion, it has endured years of wear and tear, increased traffic, inconsistent maintenance and varying weather conditions. All of these variables, along with higher construction costs and reduced government funding have contributed to only half of the nation’s roads being in good condition.

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A Smart Traffic Solution for Smarter Cities

There’s a new technology in town that helps frustrated city drivers find elusive open parking spaces, parking attendants find offenders and planners find the right price for an hour of parking to reduce congestion.

San Francisco-based Streetline mounts low-cost sensors in parking spaces, retrofits existing meters and ties them into a mesh wireless network to draw a real-time picture of the spaces available, the cars needing tickets and how much to charge for parking. The system is being tested across the United States and may be coming soon to your city.

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