North America’s Most Congested Cities

With population growth on the rise, many urban areas are growing faster than their city’s infrastructure and transportation networks. Last year the world’s population exceeded seven billion people and many large cities are already encountering overcrowding on public transit, increased pollution levels, and longer traffic delays.

The GPS manufacturer, Tom Tom, published its latest Congestion Index, which measures congestion as a percentage difference when compared to free-flow traffic.  This percentage indicates how much longer it will take to travel through the city with the normal amount of traffic than if there were no vehicles or congestion on the road.

North American congestion is rated at 20%. This week, we’ll review the top 5 congested cities in North America.

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Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade from Road Tubes

Road tubes have been used for decades for average annual daily traffic (AADT) counts (also average daily traffic (ADT), automatic traffic recorder (ATR) counts, midblock counts or link counts). They have been effective in capturing ADT counts in the past, however, improvements in technology have made road tubes the “VHS” of data collection.

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The State of America’s Transportation Network

The American transportation network is in dire need of highway maintenance and reconstruction. Valued at $1.75 trillion, it has endured years of wear and tear, increased traffic, inconsistent maintenance and varying weather conditions. All of these variables, along with higher construction costs and reduced government funding have contributed to only half of the nation’s roads being in good condition.

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Miovision and the Transportation Industry in 2012

Last week, we discussed the top transportation topics for the coming year. I followed up with the CEO of Miovision, Kurtis McBride, to get his take on the industry and Miovision’s outlook for 2012.

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Top 5 Difficult Conditions for Manual Counting

Manual traffic counting is time consuming. It can take even longer and reduce accuracy in certain weather conditions. Whenever there is poor weather, there is a higher chance for lower quality data as the onsite counter just wants to get the study done and go back to the office.

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Sharing the Road with Cyclists

Over the past few years, there has been more pressure from cyclists demanding that drivers share the road. Community groups are getting the attention of public agencies to include cyclist-focused initiatives in urban areas. These initiatives can be difficult to execute based on limited expansion space for roads, cyclist vs. driver demands, increased cars on the road and fixed budgets.

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7 Billion People – Can the World’s Roads Support This Population?

In the past month, the world’s population surpassed 7 billion people. Celebrations were underway to commemorate this new height in population, however, what are the impacts on the world’s infrastructure?

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World’s Worst Traffic Jams

Next time you’re sitting in traffic, think about the 60-mile-long traffic jam in China that lasted for an incredible 10 days last August. Motorists on the Beijing-Zhangjiakou highway slept in their vehicles, while vendors from nearby towns set up impromptu markets and performances to relieve the volcanic levels of road rage.

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The Magic Roundabout

There is a story that has travelled incredible distances and, perhaps more than anything else, given the unassuming Wiltshire town of Swindon in England cause to be discussed across the world. It’s not a famous person or a particular achievement. In fact, it’s far more mundane than that: it’s a roundabout.

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