Top 3 Traffic Data Projects to Start Off Your Spring Count Season

With the days being longer and the first day of spring having arrived yesterday, traffic engineers are ramping up to begin the spring count season.  The spring is a great time to plan your traffic data collection and project objectives for the remainder of the year. Planning ahead will help provide efficiencies in traffic data collection equipment deployment, traffic study turnaround time and resource availability.

In this week’s blog, Miovision reviews the Top 3 Traffic Data Projects to Start Off Your Spring Count Season. These top three traffic data collection projects will provide resource efficiencies– the equipment can be used across these three projects. The traffic data collected is also relatable and can be used for various other projects.

Average Daily Traffic (ADT) Counts

Average Daily Traffic counts have a variety of names including Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) Counts, Midblock Counts or Link Counts. This is first on the list because ADT data can be used for numerous projects in order to understand the current capacity of the road. It can be applied to signal timing, any construction project that includes new infrastructure or expansion, as well as being applied to traffic impact analysis.

The City of Chicago has an online data portal where ADT data is available for a wide range of intersections. This is a great tool for other stakeholders to use this information in various transportation projects. However, the data portal states the frequency of “citywide count is taken approximately every 10 years”. According to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the AASHTO Guidelines for Traffic Data Programs, ADT counts should be completed every three years.

Miovision provides a safe, simple and non-intrusive process for collecting ADT counts. Utilizing the Scout video collection unit, you can collect lane-by-lane vehicle classifications and volumes for up to 8 lanes. It’s also a safer, non-intrusive option compared to deploying road tubes.

Turning Movement Counts (TMC)

Also known as Intersection Counts, Turning Movement Counts provide actionable insight into the capacity of an intersection as well as the traffic activity within the intersection on each leg of the approach. This information could be used in conjunction with ADT studies for signal optimization, infrastructure development and traffic impact analysis.

If TMC traffic data collection is a study that is consistently collected, extending your turning movement counts to 24 hours can provide ADT data in one simple deployment. Miovision provides the option to export 24 hours of TMC data and four separate ADT data sets in one report. This will provide 5 total data sets for the cost of one.

As with ADT counts, TMC traffic studies are also completed with Miovision’s traffic data collection equipment, the Scout. TMCs collected with the Scout have a proven accuracy rate of 95%+. Using the same data collection equipment simplifies equipment management and reduces costs.

Signal Optimization

Signal optimization projects can refer to all maintenance, upgrades, timing adjustments, and miscellaneous efforts to improve traffic signal functions. Retiming signals is one of the most cost effective measures for reducing congestion and improving traffic flow. The Institute for Traffic Engineers (ITE) recommends reevaluating signals annually and retiming every three years.

Completing ADT and TMC studies addresses the traffic data collection portion for signal retiming that is needed to effectively understand the needs of the intersection and traffic signals. Utilizing traffic data that has already been collected will optimize the resources needed to complete signal retiming. Not only will signal retiming reduce congestion, but reduce vehicular air pollution and save time and money for commuters within your city.


During a time of constrained budgets, people and timelines, transportation professionals are now looking for traffic data collection solutions that meet their high standards for accuracy and provide efficiencies. View the complete list of traffic studies available with Miovision.


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