Kitchener, Ontario – May 22, 2012 – Miovision Technologies, a leading provider of intelligent technologies for improving global traffic networks, is proud to introduce Traffic Data On Demand, an online traffic data collection solution for coordinating and managing the data required to measure and correct urban traffic problems.

Traffic Data On Demand is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that combines the ability for traffic engineering firms and government agencies to request, receive and manage traffic data studies. Based on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, Traffic Data On Demand centralizes traffic data projects through a web-based data management platform that features an intuitive map interface and file management tools.

Using Traffic Data On Demand, traffic engineers can acquire traffic study reports about Turning Movement Counts, Average Daily Traffic (ADT) Counts, Roundabout Counts, and Gap Studies across the United States and Canada within two, three or four days. This turnaround time drastically improves on the industry norm of waiting weeks or even months to receive and apply reliable traffic data. Traffic data is collected using Miovision’s automated Scout video collection unit (VCU), and processed by Miovision’s proprietary video analysis software, to generate traffic study reports that have the highest data accuracy rate in the industry – over 95%.

Beta customer results indicate that Traffic Data On Demand eliminates on average eight steps from the data collection coordination process, saving approximately seven hours of resource time. Similar time savings are available post-data collection for finance-related tasks such as project invoicing and accounts payable. As such, Traffic Data On Demand is a complete end-to-end solution, improving efficiency from project coordination and receipt of traffic study reports, through to file management and project completion.

In addition to recouped resource time and the associated profit gains, Traffic Data On Demand clients benefit from standardized pricing and guaranteed turnaround times, resulting in more effective budgeting and planning of transportation projects. By streamlining access to traffic study reports, Traffic Data On Demand helps traffic engineers directly apply data to traffic optimization projects that improve vehicle volume and flow, increase road safety, and reduce environmental impact for long-term sustainability.

“Miovision is excited to offer yet another innovative solution that helps traffic consultants at engineering firms and government agencies gain full access and control of their traffic data projects from coordination to completion, in order to optimize traffic management and improve the driving experience,” says Kurtis McBride, CEO of Miovision Technologies. “Traffic Data On Demand fills a need that has been long overdue in the traffic industry – the ability for any traffic engineer across North America to request, receive and manage traffic study reports for when and where data is needed, with just the few clicks of a mouse.”


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About Miovision Technologies

Based out of Kitchener, Ontario, Miovision is a technology organization that creates intelligent traffic data collection solutions to address challenges facing today’s transportation networks. Miovision also has a European office in Cologne, Germany and boasts customers across 5 continents and in over 30 countries. For additional information about Miovision, visit the company page at


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