Turning Video into Traffic Data Part One

As of this spring, Miovision will have turned 1.5 million hours of video into traffic data from multiple video sources, including our own Scout Video Collection Unit. With daily volumes as high as 7,000 hours of video, we rely on a systematic method of combining computer vision algorithms  and human verification to ensure data reports meet our customers’ expectations.

In this two-part blog series, I’ll be writing about how Miovision turns video into traffic data with significant support from Miovision Technical Director and Computer Vision Architect Justin Eichel, PhD.

Video-Based Traffic Data Collection

For those not familiar with Miovision’s traffic data collection solution, here’s a quick overview:

  1. Customer records video: this can be of an intersection, midblock, highway count, roundabout or pedestrian and bicycle location. Video can be provided by any video source, but we recommend our best-in-class Scout video collection unit.
  2. Video is uploaded to Miovision: every customer has a cloud-based account on the Miovision Platform where they can upload video and quickly select the types and amount of data they need.
  3. Data Reports are Downloaded: the video is turned into traffic data on the Miovision Platform. Data reports are stored on the customer account and available for download in a variety of formats, along with the video recording.

three step process

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